ACE 2016 Call for Papers

Allscripts Client Experience (ACE) 2016 - Presentation Abstract Submission Form
Thank you for your interest in presenting a session at the 2016 Allscripts Client Experience. Please complete the form below to submit your request and supporting details for your proposed session by March 31, 2016. Please use proper case when completing this form. A member of the ACE Education Committee will notify you of your submission status via email in May.

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The standard Audio/Visual package includes a laptop, hand-held microphone, podium, projector and screen. Please indicate any other specific audio-visual requirements you would have if your session is selected. Note, On-site/day-of requests will not be honored due to venue logistics and state regulations.

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Allscripts Non-exclusive Publication Agreement and License

Allscripts looks forward to your participation at our 2016 Allscripts Client Experience Conference ("Conference"), to be held on August 9-11 in Las Vegas, NV.

As part of your presentation you will create and provide written materials, e.g., outline, PowerPoint display, article, diagrams, etc. (“Materials”). You will retain the copyright to the Materials.

In consideration of participation at the Conference, you grant to Allscripts a nonexclusive world-wide license, for a term equal to the life (duration) of a copyright under the laws of the United States, to record your presentation and publish the Materials in whole or in part, including but not limited to any reprints and re-publications. Allscripts will state its publication is by permission of the author. The license you grant to Allscripts allows Allscripts to record your presentation and publish it and the Materials in any format (including, but not limited to, audio-visual, print, audio-recording, electronic, Internet, CD-ROM, computer-readable, etc.) and in all media. You agree that Allscripts shall not be obligated to pay any royalties to you from or in connection with any use(s) or publication(s) it may make pursuant to the license you have granted.

The license you grant to Allscripts is non-exclusive. This means you may grant the same license to anyone else and for any other lawful purpose. You may permit the Materials to be published by another publisher (but this does not preclude publications by Allscripts pursuant to the license granted by you to it). You may use the Materials for your own purposes or those of your employer.

You warrant that you have made no license or other transfer to any person or entity with respect to your copyright which conflicts with the license granted to Allscripts. You also warrant that you are the author, and, generally, that you individually have the right to grant the license described above to Allscripts.

You warrant that you have secured (if applicable) from your employer the right individually to own the copyright to the Materials. If your employer owns the copyright, you warrant that you have authority to sign this Agreement on behalf of your employer which is regarded as the “Author.”

You also warrant that, to your knowledge as of the date of this Agreement, the Materials do not libel anyone, invade anyone's privacy, infringe anyone's copyright, or otherwise violate any statutory or common law right of anyone. You agree to indemnify Allscripts (including its reasonable legal fees and litigation expenses) against any claim or action alleging facts, which, if true, constitute a breach of any of the foregoing warranties.

This is the entire agreement between you and Allscripts. It cannot be amended or altered. It will bind and benefit our respective successors in interest, including assignees, and our licensees.
** Agenda items and program schedule subject to change.